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GV Food Transport is a division of the GV Group (Gate Ventures) and it solely focuses on food delivery within the Education Sector.

It partners with local authorities and contract caterers to deliver the cooked food from another local school or production site to schools without adequate kitchen facilities. This guarantees that every child in school in the UK can be fed a daily cooked food every single day irrespective of the

GV Food Transport services covers the transportation of sandwiches and freshly cooked food from schools across the country.

Our food delivery service ranges from collection, picking, re-packing, delivery and paperwork management.

GV Food Transport’s mission statement is “at work, for you”, and to meet this aim we recognise the importance of developing and nurturing a close working relationship with our client and service users where no request is too much trouble, as the focus is timely and safe delivery. The development of a respectable and reliable reputation and good relationships with our clients is integral and has led to our growth over time.