Our Staff

We hire local drivers who know the area. Often parents of children at the local schools, they test run each route before it goes live to ensure that all problems are ironed out without any disruption to service.

Our impressive retention rates allow our drivers to build great relationships with the kitchen staff that they work with and form a good working relationship.

We know how important school meals are for learning, so we have put a secure structure in place to sort any problems. Each driver has a team leader in charge of the area. The team leader, who is located in the area, has a direct line to our Education Coordinator in the back office. This simple chain of command ensures that when problems do arise they can be dealt with, very quickly without putting the children’s lunch at risk.

For more information on how we can remove the stress and worry of dealing with daily food transportation issues call us now on 020 7622 4445 or email us at info@gvfoodtransport.co.uk  Contact us